Are you feeling tired and depleted? Has life lost its sparkle? Perhaps you are dealing
with chronic pain or ongoing stresses that are wearing you down?

There is a way back to your best, most vibrant self: Ka Huna massage treatment.

What is Ka Huna?

Ka Huna (also known as Hawaiian Temple Massage) is a beautiful form of massage that instils balance and wholeness to your body, mind, and spirit. It is also a very powerful healing modality.

This massage treatment infuses life-affirming, healing energy into your mind-body for ultimate well-being and bliss. Ka Huna treatments transform you.

Given the right nurturing – a Ka Huna Massage – your body can (and will) cleanse, rebalance and heal itself.

Ka Huna is a flowing rhythm of soft and deep tissue massage where I use my hands, forearms and elbows in fluid, Hula-like movements to nurture your body’s self-healing centres back to vibrant life.

This therapeutic treatment activates the self-healing rhythms within you and the treatment can continue to resonate in your mind-body for weeks as your body attunes itself to wholeness.

It starts with you

I customise all my services to the specific needs of the individual. Ka Huna massage is no exception.

My starting point when treating you with a Ka Huna healing massage is to find out where you are at right now with your physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. This allows me to structure your massage healing session around your needs; a treatment that is perfect for you on the day.

I will harmonise the rhythms of your own body, mind and soul to bring you into a place of deep relaxation where true healing can begin.

14 reasons why you need a Ka Huna massage

This massage will touch your body and soul with healing goodness. The benefits of Ka Huna are many, including:

  1. Release of deep-seated neuromuscular tension – allowing energy to flow more freely around your body. Also helps injuries to help much more quickly.
  2. An infusion to your physical body – be re-energised and rejuvenated
  3. Treatment of your lymphatic system – cleansing goodness
  4. Revitalise your circulatory system – oxygenate your body for gleaming, good health
  5. A boost to your immune system – so vital for modern life
  6. A workout for your digestive and respiratory systems
  7. Deep relaxation – the stresses and strains of life melt away leaving you calm and at peace
  8. Improved flexibility – let go of stiffness and soreness
  9. An opportunity to release negative emotions, trauma, and self-limiting beliefs through the mind-body connection
  10. Instils clarity and confidence – a clear and uncluttered mind
  11. Experiences of joy, trust, and open-heartedness
  12. An opening-up to a sense of well-being, confidence, and empowerment.
  13. More love, more happiness, and more balance
  14. A renewed zest for life

A focus on breath

As I begin the healing work of massage on your body I encourage you to focus on your breath. With each in-breath you can draw in fresh energy; invigoration for your body and mind. And with the out-breath, you can exhale your worries and cares, the negative energies that drag you down and keep you from being you best, most vibrant self.


Make sure you drink lots of water after your Kahuna healing massage. This will assist your body in the powerful detoxification process started with your massage. In the days that follow you may notice lots of different feelings and sensations, these are part of your body realigning to its natural healthful state. Just go with the process and trust your body-mind to complete the healing work that began with the massage.

Book a Ka Huna treatment today

Bring joy to your life, peace to your mind, and healing to your body with a Ka Huna massage today.
Ka huna is the perfect nurturing gift you can give yourself or someone you love.
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Prepare to be pampered!

About your practitioner – Donna Rodgers

I am fully trained in Ka Huna to offer you a safe and compassionate healing space. I undertook in-depth, accredited training at the Mette Institute where I gained experienced in Ka Huna bodywork and the philosophy of Huna.